The Magnificent Dice Roller


The Magnificent Dice Roller is a random number generator that uses dice notation and can be used for Role Playing Games like Dungeons and Dragons, or anything else that needs dice.

My first attempt at a dice roller used lots of little drop down lists for all the dice types, and all the modifiers, I could think of. But when I was running a game, and I had rolls to make for 15 orcs, 12 goblins and a drunk satyr, this got tedious real fast. So I've simplified things.

If you just want to roll one 20 sided dice (1d20), then just press the "roll" button.

You can add modifiers if you want, like 1d20+5.

For any other roll, just type in the dice notation, then hit "roll"

If you find a bug in this dice roller, please report it.


July 2019

Finishing off what I started last December. Mainly trying to make the interface nicer while keeping it all simple to use.

December 2018

Major overhaul of code, bringing it up to PHP 7 standards. Also making page work better on handheld devices (responsive).

March 2012

Added fudge dice notation, and enhanced layout for mobile devices.